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About Me


My name is Mac and I am a UX Designer with Lowe’s working on the design team in Pricing, Promotions, and Competitive Intelligence. 

My career with Lowe’s is the result of a successful career change from the medical field to tech. After working in medical credentialing, sleep medicine, and cancer research, it became obvious that I wasn’t in the right field for me. After a successful contract in usability studies, I received a life-changing offer to join Lowe’s through the Launchpad program for emerging tech professionals and the rest is history. My role with Lowe’s is the best job that I have ever had as I love the people I work with, the corporate culture, the facilities where I work, and the educational opportunities to hone my craft and skills. 

In my spare time, I like reading books of the true crime, horror, and history genres. I also play video games such as Bloodborne and Elden Ring, go to concerts, support my teams in football and basketball (Wisconsin, USC, Texas Tech, and Alabama), and hike with my beagle and chihuahua. 

Something that I am very proud of is my work rescuing and fostering animals in association with various animal rescues in the Charlotte Metro area. 

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