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Associate Product Designer

October 2022-Present

Currently on rotation as part of design team in Pricing, Promotions, and Competitive Intelligence.

-UX Design: Creates wireframes, mid-fidelity designs, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes of digital pricing products in Figma. Collaborates with other designers, software engineers, product managers, and product researchers in creating solutions to design problems. Conducts heuristic evaluations of digital products.

-UX Writing: Functions in hybrid role as a Content Strategist (UX Writer) due to team needs and background as a writer. Writes and edits copy and micro copy for digital pricing products, ensures copy complies with corporate digital media writing standards.

-UX Research: Analyzes user research interviews and gathers insights, acts as a scribe during research activities such as card sorting, and calculates System Usability Scores (SUS).

Completed Lowe’s UX boot camp as part of involvement with Lowe’s Launchpad program for emerging tech professionals.

-Conducted user interviews.
-Collaborated with other designers to build intranet site prototype.
-Created high fidelity prototype for intranet site.


User Research Coordinator for Facebook

February 2022 - May 2022

-Moderated qualitative user experience study activities involving face and eye tracking with wearable technology.
-Coached research participants in how to successfully complete face and eye tracking tasks within Quality Assurance standards.
-Programmed wearable technology using Python for participant research sessions.
-Troubleshot research equipment and logged error reports.
-Cross-trained on Quality Assurance of research data.


Research Coordinator at Sleepmed Inc. & Atrium Health

March 2021 - December 2021

-Administered informed consent to research subjects.
-Tested, troubleshot, and set up equipment for use by research subjects.
-Authored technical writing documents for use of medical devices, research protocols, case studies, and sponsor-facing presentation materials.
-Performed data analysis of primary data.
-Interpreted data from medical records for purpose of tracking subjects in a research study.
-Administered surveys to research subjects.
-Performed data entry on research study master files.
-Formulated recruiting strategies for ongoing research studies.


Administrative Analyst at University of California-San Francisco

March 2019 - December 2020

-Served as an administrative contact between Office of Medical Affairs and Governance (OMAG) and the UCSF Departments of Dermatology, Family & Community Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, and Radiology. Also previously served as contact for UCSF Departments of Neurology, Neurological Surgery, Psychiatry, and Urology.
-Reviewed and routed a high volume of pre-applications, initial applications, and re-applications from doctors and APPs under strict deadlines.
-Prepared regulatory documents for mandatory audits by federal oversight bodies.
-Performed verifications of professional licenses and certifications such as CA medical licenses, DEA certifications, and Fluoroscopy certifications using government databases.
-Reviewed and analyzed legal language in release form of UCSF application to consolidate language differences between applications from UCSF and an affiliated healthcare entity.
-Placed on an agile office committee for technological innovation of workplace systems where my suggestions to improve the pre-application process were implemented.
-Assisted in privilege form revision.
-Promoted from Administrative Officer II to Administrative Officer III in recognition of job performance.


Data Specialist/Customer Service for JP Morgan, Sephora, International Society for Optic and Photonics, the Society for Social Work & Research, and Schox Patent Group

-Data Specialist for Schox Patent Group: Learned Tableau through on the job training in order to organize company records.
-Event Staff for Sephora, JP Morgan, International Society for Optics and Photonics, and Society for Social Work & Research: Provided customer service at various corporate events and academic conferences.

June 2018 - February 2019

Graphic Designer

July 2018-August 2018

-Learned basic graphic design through on the job training to complete a large project involving banking client data and logos.
-Researched, updated, and appropriately sized and colored 800-1000 client logos.
-Kept log of logo issues and client logos made obsolete by bank mergers.


Public Health Intern at Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

September 2016 - December 2016

​-Co-authored a webinar to train mental health clinicians in the use of Columbia Suicide Severity Rating (C-SSRS) screening tool, subsequently presented the webinar to a live audience of medical professionals.
-Conducted literature reviews on pertinent research regarding integrated health programs such as Behavioral Health Homes on behalf on the DMH Medical Director.
-Edited internal county policy parameters.
-Wrote official minutes of monthly supervising psychiatrist meeting.


Teaching Assistant at Texas Tech University

January 2013 - May 2014

-Instructed full classes of students in review session lectures.
-Collaborated with ADA compliance office to accommodate students with disabilities such as by taking electronic notes for students and designing exams that could be interpreted by text-to-speech software.
-Maintained student records in accordance to FERPA regulations.




MA in Sociology

Texas Tech University

-Major coursework in Social Statistics (using STATA and SPSS), Quantitative & Qualitative Research, and Theoretical Sociology.  
-Elective coursework in Medical Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Criminology. 
-Employed as a Teacher’s Assistant from Spring 2013-Summer 2014: Instructed full classes of students. Became subject matter expert for classes that I taught such as Social Statistics, Gerontology, and Intro Sociology. Collaborated with ADA compliance office to accommodate students with disabilities, such as by designing statistics exams that could be understood by speech-to-text software for students with visual disabilities. Maintained student records in accordance to FERPA regulations. 
-Research abstracts accepted at academic conferences: Mid-South Sociological Association (2014): presented on geographic differences in ADHD diagnosis rates in the continental US. Texas Tech Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women (2014): presented on cross-cultural treatments of mental illness with respect to gender.


MPH in Health Policy

University of Southern California

-Major coursework in Policy Analysis, Economics, and Biostatistics (using SPSS). 
-Elective coursework in Health Care Promotion, Leadership, and Health Program Design. 
-Completed 300-hour professional practicum as an Intern with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health: Co-authored a webinar to train mental health clinicians in the use of Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) suicide screening tool. Subsequently presented the webinar to a live audience of medical professionals. Conducted literature reviews on pertinent research regarding integrated health programs such as Behavioral Health Homes on behalf on the DMH Medical Director. Set up an interdepartmental meeting between the Department of Mental Health and Department of Public Health for editing internal county policy parameters. 
-Research abstracts accepted at academic conferences: USC Health Policy Symposium (2016): presented on integrated mental health programs under Medicaid 1115 waivers such as Behavioral Health Homes. Pacific Sociological Association (2016): presented on tobacco usage as a possible influence on geographic differences in ADHD rates in the continental US.

Wisconsin_Badgers_logo.svg (1).png

BA in English

University of Wisconsin-Madison

-Major coursework in Writing, Literature, and Linguistics.  
-Elective coursework in Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology. 
-Ranked in 90th percentile nationally in verbal section of Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

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