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Feedback Form

Another project where I took the lead in designing a feature from scratch is a feedback form so that users could give their opinions on the newly-redesigned homepage for Pricing.

After discussions with my product manager, We came up with a list of features that should be included in the feedback form. What we ended up deciding is that we needed a brief summary of feedback, a text field for a description, a text area for body text, and a dropdown for the user to indicate what part of the site their feedback pertains to.

After a feedback session, I made some changes to the feedback form. The color scheme and angular shapes in the old form were to match the mid-fidelity prototype of the Pricing homepage. Once the homepage was updated with new colors and rounded corners, I adjusted my design accordingly. I also changed some of the copy to better explain the functions of each field to the user, such as changing "Subject" to "Summary" since the latter is common and recognizable in email and other media.

Something I am particularly proud of about this design is that I was able to make the mid-fidelity design, come up with an alternative design in case my primary one didn't go over well, prototyped, revised my design, and did high-fidelity prototype in less than a week.

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