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My first rotation as part of the Launchpad Program was with Pricing, Promotions, and Competitive Intelligence (PPCI). The first project that I was assigned as a member of PPCI was to complete heuristic evaluations of a few digital pricing products in order to familiarize me with what the team was working on.

A more senior designer mentored me in the finer points of heuristic evaluation and I studied heuristics with resources such as the Norman-Nielsen Groups's guides to heuristics.

The products in Pricing were very well-designed. Of course, there is no such thing as a design that does not have any sort of room for improvement.

After evaluating a number of products within Pricing, I gave a report to my teammates. Learning about heuristics was a valuable experience. Though, as a side effect, I can no longer unsee design errors in my everyday life while I am interacting with digital products on my phone or the internet.

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