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Launchpad to Lowe's

After finishing up a contract doing usability studies with Meta, I got to work looking for my next opportunity. One role that I applied for was as an Associate Product Designer with Lowe's. Thankfully, I received an offer and very eagerly accepted.

My position at Lowe's was through the Launchpad Program, which is a training program for emerging tech professionals. The program consists of a 2 month bootcamp as well as two rotations with design teams throughout Lowe's.

The Launchpad bootcamp was a fantastic experience to receive instruction from senior designers, get an introduction to the Lowe's organization, and work with my colleagues in the program. For our capstone, we had to design a prototype for an intranet Lowe's site and create a high fidelity prototype of a comprehensive guide for Lowe's associates to food options for the new Tech Hub in the South End of Charlotte, NC.

The Tech Hub intranet site project involved collaborating with other designers as well as researchers in conducting user research then creating individual designs. My colleagues and I personally interviewed stakeholders, gathered research insights, and created personas and user journey maps. We identified the types of users that we would be catering to as well as the types of amenities that Tech Hub associates would want to know about, chief among which was food.

The individual design portion of the capstone project involved me making a first high fidelity design with a prototype. I am a bit embarrassed whenever I look at this design as my design skills have improved significantly since I made this design and there were a number of design decisions that I would have done differently such as trimming down the masthead and using pictures of the establishments themselves instead of their logos. Also, I wanted to challenge myself to make all of my components from scratch, which was inadvisable in retrospect since I had design systems from which I could have pulled components to more easily create a more polished product.

Nevertheless, this was my first prototype and the struggles that I had in making it, as well as observing my colleagues' designs, which I judged to be far superior to my own, pushed me to improve my design skills.

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