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One of my first projects when I joined Pricing was redesigning some modals, as well as updating the copy.

Whenever a pricing manager wanted to reject a recommended price, they would get a confirmation modal that simply said, "Are you sure?" This needed an update as the phrasing was murky, the price they were rejecting wasn't listed on the confirmational modal, the item number wasn't listed, the item description wasn't listed, nor was there a warning about the irreversible nature of the user's action.

Another alert modal that I worked on was a redirect modal when Pricing got a new url.

Problems with the above redirect notice include listing whatever localhost: 4200 was as well as general readability problems.

In the updated version, the purpose of the modal is present in the title, the body copy was strategically spaced to increase readability, word choice was changed to fit corporate tone, and the new url stands out with a link that actually looks like a link with blue text and an underline.

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