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Usability Studies & Clinical Trials

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Most recently, I worked for Experis contracting in a project with Meta (Facebook) involving user testing. I can't go into detail about the project as I am still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which prevents me from revealing specifics about the project.

What I can say is that I moderated qualitative research studies with live participants in a laboratory setting. I collected face and eye tracking data in accordance to Quality Assurance standards. This role involved quite a bit of troubleshooting of data collection software using Python. I also had to troubleshoot experimental wearable technology, which malfunctioned on a regular basis as experimental technologies of all sorts are prone to do.

Prior to working for Experis, I worked for Sleepmed Inc. in another user-centered role. This role involved testing sleep technology and peripherals on live subjects in a clinical setting in clinical trials sponsored by entities such as Delta Dental, Google, and Tempur Pedic.

I'm not 100% sure if I can discuss the details of the studies that I worked on with Sleepmed as I was unable to find academic publications or press releases announcing the results of the studies publicly. It is possible that the literature associated with these studies is still under peer review, so I will err on the side of caution and speak generally.

In my role in researching sleep-related devices in a clinical setting with live subjects, I worked with a number of experimental devices such as wearable technology. I personally field tested much of the portable tech in order to understand aspects of it such as potential user pain points and how to troubleshoot software and hardware errors. I also taught study participants how to use these experimental devices as well as sleep technology such as home sleep tests. Instructing subjects involved co-authoring subject-facing technical writing documents using my first-hand knowledge of devices from field testing, fool proofing devices with helpful labels, and figuring out how to explain instructions in simple and brief terms.

I believe that these two recent roles with Experis and Sleepmed have made me adept at user testing hardware.

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