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Support Ticket Integration

A feature that I was the primary designer for was support ticket integration into Pricing. In its previous state, if a user needed technical support for an issue that they encountered in the Pricing website, they would have to leave Pricing for another site to file their support ticket. The goal was to integrate the support ticket system into Pricing so that a user could click on the support function, file a ticket, and receive a confirmation message all without having to leave Pricing.

The support ticket system

The product managers and software developers stressed that they wanted the support ticket system integration to have all the same elements as the previous state, but to integrate the design with the design of the Pricing homepage. Thus, I pulled out all of the individual components that corresponded to all those that made up the support ticket form. Then, I pieced them together.

After a few rounds of revisions with my designer colleagues, I came up with the design as follows:

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