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UX Certificate Project

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I learned of UX a few years ago and became intrigued that firms are widely adopting methods of Social Sciences research in order to improve customer experiences with products. After working in medical administration for a while, I decided that UX would be a worthy professional pursuit given my background as someone with a Master's of Sociology who has worked professionally in research roles. I decided to enroll in Google certificate classes through Coursera in order to educate myself on UX.

For my portfolio project, I decided to design a customer service app for an animal shelter. I was inspired to do an app for an animal shelter after an experience in my life where I was trying to adopt a dog and was frustrated by the lack of resources to find proper information on individual dogs so that I could determine if they would be a good fit with the dog I already have as well as my two cats. The beagle pictured below is Stevie (named after Stevie Nicks). My experience of adopting her inspired me to want to create a prototype of an animal shelter app.

Side note: Stevie is a very good girl.

I had a lot of fun going through the certificate classes as I was able to use my Social Sciences background, but apply it design thinking. Like everyone else, I have been on the user end of created user experiences all my life and enjoyed seeing all of the planning and steps from the designer's side.

The Google UX Design certificate program included projects such as creating user personas, journey mapping, and storyboarding.

I created two personas of people who I believed would be common types of people who would utilize the fictional animal shelter. I chose a mother looking for a pet for her family as well as a busy professional, both of whom would benefit from an app that streamlined the adoption process.

I expounded on my Roger persona, as I was interested in the recent trend of professionals adopting animals at high rates during the pandemic as the proliferation of remote and hybrid roles during the COVID pandemic made pet ownership more feasible.

I again used Roger in order to storyboard his experience.

I would like to note that my setup is not great for drawing precise digital pictures. I am thinking of investing in a stylus.

My planning led me to create a low-fidelity prototype. An interactive version of the prototype can be found at the following link; (

After developing the interactive low-fidelity prototype, I had to usertest it. I used a convenience sample of 5 people who I knew from real life. The results of my usertesting are documented in the slideshow below.

I would use the insights that I learned to improve the prototype in ways such as improving the flow of the app in accomplishing tasks and adding a login screen.

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